What I do

The short answer is that I co-own two Bay Area businesses, forageSF, and Forage Kitchen. 

ForageSF organizes dinners and educational classes focused around wild food. Private catered as well as public dinners where each course focuses on wild foraged foods. Wild mushrooms and wild greens are taking center stage, but local produce and meats definitely make an appearance. These are by no means meals of simple salads. Check out a video of our dinners here. We also take people mushroom foraging!

Forage Kitchen is a co-working space for food in Oakland. A place to start a business, take a class, or come for a drink. We have a 2700sq ft. professional kitchen that you can rent by the hour to run your business, shared use office space, and even mailboxes for that ever important business address (I've always hated to give my home address for my business). If you're not a professional you're still welcome! We have a cafe up front to hang out and eat, and even a membership to use the kitchen on Sundays for a big project or just to cook dinner for the week. Its a fun place to be.

The less clear answer is that I do a lot more than that. I spend my time abalone diving, spearfishing, writing, coming up with business and event ideas (on the front burner right now are an equity crowdfunding start-up to help local food businesses, and a competition event where we'll award a small food company $10K and free time in our kitchen), and making things (everything from woodworking to electronics). My favorite thing to do is a learn a new skill, or make something I've never made before and then show people how easy it is, and I'm incredibly lucky that I get to spend a good portion of my time doing just that.